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Can YOU qualify for our elite team of Undercover Customers a.k.a. ProShoppers®?



BEWARE:  See below for details and steps to take if you have received a (real looking) cashier's check in the mail as an advance payment for mystery shopping.


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We are currently accepting applications from the following locations only:


 Birmingham   Cumming     Cherry Hill      Anderson
 Madison   Douglasville     Eatontown     Columbia Airport *
 Pelham    Dublin     Edison      Lexington
ARKANSAS   Duluth     Freeland      Myrtle Beach
  Jonesboro    Griffin     Lawrenceville      Spartanburg
  Paragould   Hartsfield Intl. *     Wayne  
  CALIFORNIA    Hinesville       Woodbridge TENNESSEE  
  Murrieta   Hiram       Knoxville
  Palmdale   Jonesboro        Nashville    
  Redondo Beach   Kennesaw NEW YORK      
  Redwood City   Lawrenceville      Brooklyn     
  Torrance   Loganville      Buffalo TEXAS      
    Macon      Elmhurst     Cypress
        Marietta        Garden City     Dallas
     Morrow       LaGuardia *       Houston
    Peachtree City       Lake Grove     Pearland
       Rome       Rochester     San Antonio
      Savannah       Staten Island     Shenandoah
   COLORADO   ILLINOIS            
   Denver Intl. *   Buffalo Grove   UTAH   
     Highland Park             Beaver
      Lake Forest NORTH CAROLINA     
   CONNECTICUT     Libertyville      Apex       WASHINGTON
     Foxwoods Resort    Long Grove      Charlotte    Seattle
       Northbrook    SeaTac Airport *

  North Chicago 



    Intl. Airport  *   IOWA

  Des Moines

      MICHIGAN    Downtown Columbus     Jackson
        Detroit Intl. *    East Columbus     
        (Metro Wayne Co.)    Gahana     
    MISSISSIPPI     Henderson  
  GEORGIA     Jackson    Hilliard  
     Ackworth  MISSOURI        New Albany    
     Alpharetta     Sullivan    New Market   
     Athens NEVADA        Northeast Columbus   
     Atlanta      Las Vegas     Pickerington INTERNATIONAL 
     Buford    Mesquite    Polaris     Cyril King Airport in
     Canton  NEW MEXICO            St. Thomas, VI *
     Cartersville     Alamogordo    
     Columbus     Carlsbad OREGON  
     Conyers     Roswell Portland Intl. *  

   Denotes New Listing


 *  Applicant Requirement for Airport Assignments -  Due to recent heightened airport security as a result of the September 11th tragedy we can now only accept applications concerning visits to airports from applicants who are already employed within the applicable Airport. These specially classified ProShoppers® must be in possession of a current security pass that would permit access to Airport concourses where shops are located.  Qualified ProShoppers® conducting assignments have welcomed this opportunity as a coordinated benefit to their current airline related jobs.  Applicants meeting this requirement will be given the highest priority in processing and consideration for assignments.    PLEASE PASS THIS OPPORTUNITY ONTO FRIENDS AND RELATIVES YOU WOULD RECOMMEND. 


      Don't see your location listed?

Check back periodically if you do not see your immediate locale listed above, as our personnel needs are known to shift frequently. You may "Book Mark" or place us in your "Favorites" file now to make your return visits fast and easy!


ProShopper® Application

Please briefly describe (if your location is listed above)   why you believe you would qualify as a ProShopper®  for CRG.    Examples:   Experience as a secret shopper, concepts shopped (optional), secret shopper services you have or are working for, are you able to conduct an  assignment that includes the purchase of an alcoholic beverage, are you a renter or home owner, positive attitude, neat penmanship, etc.  

Special Experience and Qualifications

(Be sure to note location(s) that you normally frequent and would like to be considered for.)


Contact Information    

FAX * 
Email address 
City Applying for 

Are you willing and able to conduct an assignment that may involve the purchase of an alcoholic beverage?  Yes        No     

Do you have personal access to a fax machine? Yes     No

 The number is optional, but the ability to submit reports by fax is still preferred.    

IMPORTANT:  Please review your application before clicking the "Submit Application" button and be sure to avoid deletion due to duplication by only clicking the button once.

Thank you!  Your interest in working as a ProShopper® for the Consumer Research Group is greatly appreciated!  You will be contacted once an assignment becomes available in the city you applied for, as applications are considered in the order in which they are received.    


Our Privacy Policy

Any information supplied by you for the purpose of making application to become a contracted operative for CRG, will be treated in the strictest confidence.  All personnel data is retained as required by law and used, but not limited to, in considering the respondent for assignment.  Under no circumstances is any personal information released or knowingly made available to any third party. At CRG, we respect your right to privacy.     





A ProShopper® shares her experience with CRG: 

" I have been working with the Consumer Research Group for about a year. You will not find a more organized, professional or friendly company to work for. Shoppers receive schedules at the beginning of each month with clear instructions, no guesswork when it comes to assignments and responsibilities.  CRG sends your check on time, every time.  All interactions with Don and his staff are pleasant and you feel appreciated!  If you are looking for a company who values your time and efforts, you've found it with CRG!"

-- N. Bonds, CRG ProShopper;  Atlanta, Georgia




CRG's Community Bulletin Board


CRG ProShoppers throughout the country are always on the lookout for missing children as they work incognito monitoring retail customer service. 

To report a sighting of a missing child, click on the above insert or call 1-800-843-5678.



Shopper Applicant Warning!

  The Internet hosts many "get rich quick" schemes and offers, be "Net Savvy"! Be wary of mystery shopping company directories and certification programs being hawked on the internet! Save yourself needless costs and grief. No legitimate company conducting mystery shopping charges any fees to apply for assignments.  

  A simple search on the internet will produce a host of legitimate companies. Go on their site to determine if they have assignments in your immediate area before taking the time and effort to submit an application. Good Luck!

"Cashier's Check Scam" Warning!

Beware of Offers for Quick returns by cashing a check, sending money orders, etc.! These con artists use the names of legitimate companies to confuse the public. Our company does not and never has conducted mystery shops involving check cashing and/or money transfers.

And above all: NO legitimate company would ever send payment out to an individual BEFORE conducting an assignment! Click on the above heading for more information about this devious, but popular scam.

BEWARE:  Contact your local Post Master and Attorneys General Office if you have received one of these phoney mailings with a fake cashier's check!

- The CRG staff


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